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statement on mediation

Members of the church agree to submit any legal dispute with the church for mediation before a mutually

agreed-upon mediator, or if none can be agreed upon, one selected by Peacemaker Ministries. Lawsuits 

between believers, or threats of lawsuits between believers, are a matter of grave concern for the Church, are contrary to biblical and church teaching, and mediation is an effort to resolve disputes in a biblical 

fashion. (1 Cor 6: 1-7).

Mediator(s) will attempt to assist us in reaching a voluntary settlement of any disputes through mediation.

The confidentiality of the mediation process will be protected and these matters will not be discussed with 

people who do not have a necessary interest in them. If settlement can be agreed upon, the conciliators may,

at their discretion, issue an advisory opinion. Neither the opinion, nor any communications exchanged

in the mediation process, will be admissible for any purpose in any subsequent legal proceeding.

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